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Dance Teacher Summit Recap!

We're back and we are so excited that we will be dancing with everyone VERY soon! Some of you may have seen that we attended Dance Teacher Summit in San Diego, CA! We got to take tons of classes taught by some of the top dance professionals in the WORLD! These classes are geared towards dance studios to help you stay at the top of the game and run the best dance studio for your students. Mr Gregg was a part of the DTS Faculty and taught several classes through the week! Ms Tessa and Ms Kristen got to partake in the classes and the Business Boost Studio Owner session!

Not only did we take amazing classes, but we got to see some of our SUPER successful studio owner friends like Becca and Dani from Rhythm Dance Center in Marietta,GA (they also run Confetti on the Dance Floor), Dale Lam from Columbia City Jazz in Lexington,SC, Heidi Knight from Heidi Knight School of Dance in Huntsville,AL and SO many more!

We wanted to share a few of the super cool things we did in San Diego! These little tidbits are not only applicable for dance teachers and studio owners, it's AMAZING life advice. Here are 7 things we learned at DTS:

1. "Success Hides Failure" - This means that sometimes when you are super "successful" you forget to keep working on the processes and programs that got you there and the system starts to break down. How does this apply to you? Well dancers, for example, just because you have MASTERED those right and left splits it doesn't mean stop stretching! Keep working on your craft, there is always room for improvement!

2. "Healthy Things Grow"- Small and mighty is great but it can't always stay that way. Things that are healthy will always grow! We can't wait to watch our programs grow and flourish here at 3D Dance

3. "Dance is just the vehicle for learning valuable life skills"- A dance teacher's dream is always that students will find that same love we have and continue dancing forever! However, those students are few and far between but that's ok! Dance is so super important because it teaches life skills that will help you in every career! Things like work ethic, determination, tenacity, time management and other qualities are just a few things dance can help you gain. We want to teach our students to be amazing PEOPLE not just incredible dancers.

4. "It's about the experience"- Dance class should be more than drop off and pick up. The environment of your studio is the MOST important part. Dancers and their families should feel important. They should feel like they are an invaluable piece of the puzzle. This is one of our most important values at 3D. We want you to feel at home from the minute you walk in the door. After all, there's NO place like home.

5. "Find your secret sauce and STAND OUT"- What makes 3D dance different? Why should you dance with us? We are striving to serve this community with something BRAND NEW and we are ready to offer the best experience to you all. When you arrive, it should feel different, exciting, special, and fun!

6. "Make your ideas happen"- Too often, we all come up with idea after idea but we get so busy we never fully develop these thoughts into realities. Take time to make a vision board and come up with plans and strategies to make these ideas real! Creativity is key and time management is the best way to meet your expectations. Just because it has structure, it doesn't make the idea any less creative.

7. When you remain in indecision, your decision is indecision"- Whoa...that's a mind bender. Let's unpack. Essentially by remaining unsure, you essentially have made the decision to STAY unsure. Take the leap of faith. Dive in head first. GO FOR IT! Don't get stuck worrying about the what ifs... JUST DO IT!

Amazing right? The few days we were at DTS were truly life chaining and we are blessed to implement the above as well as the dozens of other things we learned this year at 3D! What was your favorite thing you read? Comment and let us know! See you all soon!

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