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Download Ziphone 2.6 B Windows




Feb 27, 2008 PART B (FOR MAC) - FIRST USE YOUR IPOD WITH. Version 3 of the ZiPhone tool (Mac Version) is out ( Download ZiPhone from Zibri's blog (direct download link). Feb 27, 2008 PART C – MAC Version First start , then press “reboot” button, wait a minute or so. Then power up, now there will be a keypad, give it access with the PASSWORD you got from  . (password is displayed in For example, if your passwrod is “Password1”, then enter “Password1” as PASSWORD. Do not worry, it will ask you for your user password. You can enter any user password you want now. Befor you start using ziphone-3 , please backup the contents of your IPOD by using PC. Do not attempt to flash the firmware via ipod while it is connected to PC via USB cable. Feb 27, 2008 PART D – WITH THE IPOD REMOVED FROM PC. Remove your power cable, wait a second or so, then power on the ipod, the old firmwares will load. If you want to upgrade to latest firmware for ipod Touch, press “reboot” again to select the upgrade firmware. If you want to jailbreak ipod, press “reboot” to choose the jailbreak firmware. (for this part you need to turn off the ipod ) Restore the contents of your IPOD , if it is previously restore the contents using PC, if it is already wipe it. …then install Ziphone 3 on the ipod. To restore the contents of your IPOD  , click on “Install Ziphone 3 Firmware” after you have logged in into the ipod. Then click on “Restore IPOD” button. Now it will ask you for the “Passwords1” of the ipod. Then click “restore”. Firmware will be successfully restored on your ipod .




Download Ziphone 2.6 B Windows

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