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24/7 Birmingham

We had an awesome weekend at 24/7 in Birmingham,AL! Our Core Company rocked the stage and killed it in class. Way to go dancers~

Sidekick Solos:

All I Do Is Dream- Lyla Kase- High Gold

Sweet n Sassy- Paisley- High Gold

You Should Be Dancing- Kaden- High Gold and 3rd Overall Sidekicks

Mini Solos and Duos:

Cool Jerk- Rory- Gold

Field Below- Kayley- Gold

I Can Only Imagine- Ralynn- Gold

I'm Not Going- Zoe- High Gold

Knock on Wood- Ashlynn- Gold

Shifted Within Silence- Bella- Gold

Our Love Comes Back- Magy and Bella- High Gold

Junior Solos:

Sound and Color- Magy- Gold

Too Busy- Maya- High Gold and 10th Overall Juniors

Dream State- Nora- High Gold

Teen Solos:

Hallowed Ground- Reese- High Gold

Hurting- Katelyn- Gold

Make Me Feel- Makayla- High Gold

When I Met You- Ally- Gold

Distant Darkness- High Gold

Drumline- Gold, 1st Overall Mini Tap

Get Right- High Gold

How to Be Human- High Gold

Miami Life- High Gold

Shake it Mickey- High Gold

Stay- High Gold, 3rd Overall Sidekicks, 1st Overall Sidekick Lyrical

Take on Me- High Gold, 1st Overall Junior Tap

They Own This Town- High Gold, Studio Showcase Performer


Nora Akridge- Junior Non Stop Dancer Runner Up

Maya Conley- High Five in Jazz

Magy Dearman- High Five in Jazz

Makayla Johnson- High Five in Jazz

Morgan Joseph- High Five in Hip Hop

Madison Long-High Five in Hip Hop

Bella Rafferty- High Five in Ballet

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