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Rockin' Revive

Our Core Company was amazing at Revive Dance Convention in Montgomery, AL. Read below to see how incredible they performed! We are beyond proud!


Magy Dearman: Platinum

Bella Rafferty: Platinum

Katelyn Terry: Platinum

Group Dances:

Great Balls of Fire (Core Excel): Platinum and 2nd Overall

Sidewalk Talk (Core Extreme): Platinum, 2nd Place Mini Small Group, High Score Jazz 12 and Under

Brighter Days Ahead (Core Elite): Platinum, 5th Place Junior Small Group

Sing Swing Sting (Core Tap): Platinum

Wanderlust (Core Contemporary): Platinum, 5th Place Junior Large Group

Affirmation...(Core Contemporary): Platinum and 3rd Place Junior Small Group, Revue Weekend Favorite

Catch My Money (Core Hip Hop): Platinum, 2nd Place Junior Large Group

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